Why Tumblr’s new policy is complete and utter ridiculous bullshit: a whole ass rant.

Tumblr announced this week that they are planning on making a “better, more positive Tumblr”. This plan includes using automated moderators to take down and flag any post that has “female-presenting nipples”, “any sex acts”, and other vague, fluff words. It’s suggested that they are doing this in response to the vast amount of porn bots and child pornography that is occasionally posted. However, the issue with this isn’t that it’s getting rid of child porn and the ever so annoying porn bots, the problem is that the system is so vaguely and generically made that this policy runs the risk of taking down perfectly unharmful nudity like NSFW art, cleavage shown in a selfie, anatomy drawings, and protest photos. This is censorship. Plain and simple. Tumblr claims it’s an open minded and forward thinking app but continues to make changes and policies that alienate innocent users. It’s also worth noting that LGBTQ+ NSFW content tends to be flagged and taken down more often than heterosexual content featuring the same acts when using automated moderators, this new system wouldn’t be any different. There’s a safe mode for a reason, so people who don’t want to see this type of content don’t have to. So why not just keep that and then put in a little effort for once in this app’s lifetime and have REAL people monitor the app for porn bots and child porn? Because Tumblr’s lazy and money hungry. Not too long before the policy was announced, Tumblr was removed from the App Store because of the amount of porn bots; so it’s no surprise that @staff and @support came up with a quick and easy way to get it right back on there, without putting in any real effort. My main problem with this is that Tumblr has done NOTHING about the Nazis who spread racist and anti-Semitic propaganda, along with the pro-ana and pro-eating disorder shit that literally encourages people to slowly kill themselves. Instead they’re wasting their time on this shit. This new system is alienating and causing a divide between @staff and users and will eventually (if not already) cause people to leave and never return. Anyway, I know I’m just some random chick but this really pissed me off so I just had to write something about it. Sorry it was so long.