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How come none of you told me this masterpiece …

How come none of you told me this masterpiece existed

Old newspaper articles/news clippings on punk …

Old newspaper articles/news clippings on punk rock


Happy pride month🏳️‍🌈

I also want to wish all of my LGBT+ followers a happy pride month. I know the punk community can sometimes seem a little intimidating, especially when you’re part of a minority group, but I promise that this community (for the most part) will always support you and make you feel welcomed. I’ve always believed that as long as you’re not directly hurting yourself or others, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want and believe whatever the hell you want, and I apply that to this blog. I promise you I will always try my best to make anyone of the LGBT+ community feel supported and welcomed on my blog (unless if you’re like, an asshole). Stay safe and keep on spreading love, positivity, and (of course) punk music





Check out this band

Hey guys, so if you’re interested in supporting some new and upcoming bands and you’re feeling nice today, check out the band “The Backseat Bullets”. They have a late 90’s early 2000’s sound (if you’ve ever listened to the band “Bright Eyes”, they remind me of them). You can listen to their newest single here. It’s called Suede and definitely has that “Bright Eyes” element I was talking about, especially because it starts off nice and calm and then kicks off into this heavier-type sound towards the end. Of course, you don’t have to listen to it but I just thought that it’d be nice to support each other. The music game is hard, you know?


Happy new year! (I realize that i’m literally 11 days late…

Happy new year! (I realize that i’m literally 11 days late but i got shit to do and music to listen to so….yeah)

Punk Rock Soul


By Shane Robitaille

As the slingshot of life
hurls you through long days,
and the practical world
tries to pull your wildest
dreams down to earth,
and smog-filled skies
cloud your imagination,
and digital screens
steal your precious time,
and the pace of the city
blurs your vision,
and you can’t remember all
the lyrics to that Cure song
you used to sing all the time,
and the news of the day
makes you want to cry,
and your old Doc Marten boots
gather dust in your closet,
I hope you always remember
how you once didn’t give a #$*!
what people thought about you,
how the idea of fitting in was absurd,
how you used to recite Clash
and Ramones songs like scripture,
how you scrawled your neon dreams
in notebooks and on innocent walls,
how our generation was going to
give the tired old men the finger
and make the world a cooler place,
how you ran wild under the white hot stars,
how you laughed too loud,
how you loved too hard,
and how music set you free.
But most of all I hope you never forget
the punk rock in your soul.


awesome photo credit

Awesome poem by @kitestringpoems